Future of the African Daughter project

The Future of the African Daughter project (FOTAD) is a girl-child development project that changes the life of the ordinary girl from the township and rural areas, the African daughter aged 12 – 19 years, by providing practical and meaningful assistance, guidance and skills. As such, the project is focussed on the following 3 areas:

                        i. Maths and science excellence

                       ii. Leadership development

                      iii. Lifeskills training

                      iv. ICT training

South Africa is faced with the challenge of an insufficient small pool of skill and expertise in industries which require maths and science literacy, especially among females. According to the Department of Labour’s National Master Scarce Skills list released in April 2008, South Africa is short of around one million skilled workers, in Maths and Science related fields. FOTAD was founded to address these and social issues faced by the African daughter.


FOTAD Vision 

"to create a community of brilliant, independent and self-assured young women, who shall be the leaders of tomorrow and meaning participants in the South African economy."



1. Make the African daughter realise that she can and she will have a successful future if she makes sensible decisions, and takes responsible action today

2. Teach the African daughter the importance of having dreams, setting goals and achieving these goals

3. Break the cycle of poverty, abuse and depression, prevalent among African daughters by rekindling their young minds, building character and equipping them with skills to make a success of their lives



1. To have girls pursuing further tertiary education in Maths and/or Science related fields

2. To provide a safe and constructive alternative environment/place for teenage girls to be on Saturdays and during school holidays rather than in the streets

3. To sustain the work of the project, FOTAD is selling cakes, cupcakes and baked goods, made to order and delivered to an address of choice in and around the Johannesburg area. Each cake ordered/purchased brings the possibility a better future for an African daughter a step closer.


For more information on the work of FOTAD, please visit: www.africandaughter.co.za

Support the work of FOTAD by purchasing Treats Made to Order

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