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Z. Gqibelo Dandala 

 Gqibelo was noted in Destiny Magazine as a Young Woman to watch because of her steady rise in the media and in the social development world.


4 years ago a young black banker was poised to take the banking world by storm. But her heart wasn’t in it. Instead it lay with young girls across the country, in townships…rural areas, girls she knew who didn’t know her, young girls who needed a helping hand, motivation and guidance to prepare them for a successful future. And so she left banking to find her heart, and with that the Future of the African Daughter project was born.


She is…was…that banker. Her name is Gqibelo Dandala, and she is the CEO of the Future of the African Daughter project (FOTAD), a non-profit girl child development project working with teens in townships and rural areas.

She co-founded Bongolesizwe Tintswalo Theatre project (BTTP), a programme within FOTAD focussed on unemployed but trained young performing artists.

She is a director in Wellnssbeing Transformers, a consultancy that offers the following services:

  1. PR and marketing solutions

  2. Small business development for women in rural area

Gqibelo is also a boardmember on the Champions of the Environment Foundation


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